What if I am not eligible for diversion?


What if I am not eligible for diversion?
You have two choices — you can either plead guilty and pay a fine or plead not guilty and be assigned another court date.  In Tucson City Court, your next court date will be a pre-trial conference.  At that time, you can accept a plea bargain and plead guilty.  If you don’t, a trial date will be set.   In Pima County Justice Court, a trial date is set at the arraignment for all those who plead not guilty (with some exceptions).

What if I am innocent?
You still have the same choices.  You can go to trial and hope that the justice system will work properly and you will not be found not guilty.  You can enter into a plea bargain, or you can choose diversion (assuming you are eligible).  Before you make your decision, it is always a good idea to consult with an attorney who can assess the evidence and give you a better idea of the chances of conviction if you go to trial.

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