What are the indicators or signs USCIS looks for in suspected marriage fraud cases?

20 common Fraud Indicators

  1. Extreme nervousness
  2. over interaction
  3. late for interview
  4. answers prompted by an attorney
  5. eye contact
  6. evasive or general answers
  7. answers interrupted by an attorney or other
  8. attorney attempted to distract or mislead
  9. over-submission of documents
  10. staged photographs
  11. documents prepared by known preparer suspected of fraud
  12. suspect documents
  13. documents issued immediately before or after interview
  14. short time between entry and marriage
  15. unusual marriage history
  16. children born during marriage to other parent
  17. divorce and new marriage date are too close
  18. unusual or large age discrepancy between spouses
  19. unusual cultural differences
  20. previous marriages to foreign nationals


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