MVD can suspend or revoke your license in these instances..

MVD may suspend or revoke your driving privilege if you

  • have been convicted of frequent, serious offenses that show disrespect for traffic laws and a disregard for the safety of others.
  • have been convicted of reckless driving or are a repeat reckless or negligent driver.
  • are medically unsafe to drive a motor vehicle.
  • have committed or permitted an unlawful or fraudulent use of your driver license.
  • have been convicted of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or toxic vapors.
  • have been arrested for refusal to take or successfully complete a chemical test (alcohol/drug content).
  • The penalty for refusal or unsuccessful completion is a 12-month suspension of your driver license, or two years for a second or subsequent refusal within an 84-month period.
  • are under 21 and have been convicted of receiving, consuming or possessing alcohol.
  • are under 21 and have been convicted of any illegal drug violation.
    have an unresolved judgment from another state.
  • have committed an offense for which mandatory revocation of the driving privilege is required upon conviction.

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