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K1 Fiance Visa Part 2 of 3

How do I establish that I am in a bona fide relationship?

Both individuals that make up the couple should write a highly detailed affidavit establishing the bona fide relationship and the intention to marry within the required 90 time period. You must be able to tell the government how you met, when you met and where you met. If these critical details are missing it is certainly going to arise suspicion. It is a good idea to save photos, plane tickets, letters, emails, social media documentation and other evidence to show that you are in fact in a relationship. Travel itineraries, receipts are also helpfulĀ to document visits and affidavits from friends and relatives can also bolster your case. The more proof the merrier as long as it real and not fake or fabricated. Keep in mind you the person examining and judging your case is trained to be highly suspicious of you and the more proof you can show him or her the stronger likelihood your petition will be looked upon positively. Please bring copies of the documents that support your case to the interview at the embassy or consulate.