Frequently asked questions:


Why should I hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration Law is extremely complicated and full of potential pit falls. One mistake can cause problems that may be impossible to fix. An experienced immigration lawyer knows how the system works and knows how to work within the system. Often knowing the right path to take is the most important part so that you don’t waste your time and money. A lawyer is your best bet to get you on the path you want to be on and to obtain a successful outcome.

Additionally, you could miss opportunities to improve your status, because a number of immigration programs are not commonly known. You could be eligible for a program or benefit that you’re not aware of. An experienced immigration lawyer will be able to analyze your case to see what other options you have besides the more obvious ones.

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Immigration Bond Hearings

If your loved one or friend is in a Immigration Detention Facility in Arizona and they are an adult they are most likely going to be wind up at one of three facilities in Eloy or Florence, Arizona.

In order to get them released, a bond hearing must be requested so that they can plead their case and convince an immigration Judge to release them. This is often a difficult task depending on a multitude of factors. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for a bond. Furthermore, sometimes the bond is set so high it becomes very difficult for many families to pay the bond.

A bond may be requested by the individual or their attorney if they have one. Bond Hearings are separate from and are not part of their removal or deportation case. Whether to release someone on bond is a different decision that whether or not they are going to be successful in avoiding removal/deportation.

However, being released on bond has tremendous benefits for many people. They are free from incarceration, reunited with family and can build a better removal defense case.

In deciding whether to grant bond on a case, the Judge will look at whether the detained individual poses a danger to the community or is a flight risk. A bond will will only be granted if they feel the person is not a danger. The burden is on the detainee to prove that they are not a danger. Of course, a lawyer comes in handy when making arguments to the Judge on this issue and to counter the arguments the DHS/ICE lawyer will make. This is especially true if there have been any criminal charges in the person’s past or present. They do not have to be convictions in order to be used in arguments against the detained person.

Here is a more detailed list of the many factors the Court will consider.

  • Family ties
  • ties to community
  • employment history
  • whether they have a fixed address in the US
  • criminal record
  • Any history of immigration violations
  • Any attempts to flea prosecution and otherwise escape from authorities
  • Manner of entry into U.S. and length of time here in the U.S.
  • Eligibility for relief from removal
  • other discretionary factors.