DUI Related MVD Driver License Suspensions

In addition to other penalties, there is an administrative license suspension that is handled by the Arizona Department of of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division(MVD). When a police officer or other law enforcement officer arrests a person for certain specified offenses, including DUI, the officer serves an order of suspension on the person on behalf of the MVD and then submits a certified report tot the MVD. The person’s driver license is suspended 15 days after the order of suspension is served, unless the person requests a hearing within that time period of 15 days. A timely request for a hearing stays the suspension until a hearing is held. If the person does not request a hearing, or if MVD determines at the hearing to suspend the person’s driver license, the license is suspended for at least 90 consecutive days. However, if the person meets certain eligibility requirements, such as completing alcohol or drug screening, the suspension period may be reduced to 30 consecutive days, with the driver license restricted for another 60 consecutive days. A restricted license allows the licensee to drive between certain destinations during specified time periods.

So Called “Baby DUI” Suspensions

If a person less than 18 years of age is convicted of a DUI, extreme DUI or driving while having any alcohol in the body, MVD immediately suspends the driver’s license for two years. If a person under 18 years of age is convicted of an aggravated DUI, MVD suspends for three years. For persons 18 but not yet 21 years old convicted of driving while having any spiritous liquor in the person’s body, the MVD immediately suspends driving privileges for two years.

In any of these above ¬†instances, a court may order the person’s driving privileges to be restricted to driving between the person’s home, school, and place of employment during specified periods of time. MVD must issue a special ignition interlock restricted driver license to licensees in these cases. *

*Source: Arizona Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Laws: Arizona DUI Laws and Courts. State Senate Issue Brief , December 12, 2013


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