Driver License Revocation

Revocation is often confused with suspension. I am reprinting this info directly from the Arizona Department of Transportation website to help explain what a revocation is and how it may apply in a given case.

Revocation is the removal of your privilege to drive. It is required by law, upon conviction of certain driving offenses. Once your revocation period has ended, your driving privilege will remain revoked until an investigation is completed. The investigation is to determine that all withdrawal actions have ended, and that all statutory requirements are met. You will be required to pay the appropriate application fee and a $20 reinstatement fee, and you may be required to file a Certificate of Insurance (commonly known as an SR-22). A written, vision and road test may be required.

Your driving privilege will be revoked for

driving a vehicle under the influence of any drug.
any homicide or aggravated assault involving use of a vehicle.
any felony in which a vehicle is used.
perjury or making false statement to MVD under oath.
perjury relating to the ownership or operation of a vehicle.
failure to stop and render aid at the site if you are involved in a traffic accident.
drive-by shooting.
aggravated DUI (Driving while Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs).

Your driving privilege will be revoked for two or more convictions for
reckless driving.
racing on the highways.
In addition, your driving privilege may be revoked for
failure to take and pass a required driving retest.
the determination that you are medically, psychologically or physically incapable of operating a motor vehicle.
three (3) years if you are involved in an accident resulting in injury other than death or serious physical injury.
the determination that continued operation of a motor vehicle would endanger the public health, safety and welfare.”

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