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What is an ICE hold?

  What is an Ice Hold? ICE refers to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a federal law enforcement agency.  If a person is in Pima County Jail in Tucson, for example, or other jail facility in the United States or otherwise in the custody of  law enforcement, ICE will request the local agency […]

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What is the Difference between DAPA, DACA and an expanded DACA?

Current Status of DACA, expanded DACA and DAPA. President Obama’s effort to make reasonable changes in immigration policies (DAPA and an expanded DACA) has bumped up against a serious road block, at least for the time being. Unfortunately,for millions of people residing in the United States the ruling in U.S. v. Texas has been affirmed by […]

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10 ways to fight your DUI charges in Arizona

10 Ways to fight and possibly win your  DUI Case Depending on the facts of your case one or more motions related to these defenses can be filed. It is important to learn if any of these apply to your specific case. They may not. In addition anytime you fight a case you run the […]

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Will Pokémon Go lead to an increase in Trespassing Charges?

With all the publicity in recent days about the new Pokémon Go game, I began to wonder if people were more likely to wonder out into the street or otherwise get injured playing this game. What also occurred to me is the potential for people to trespass onto private property or otherwise subject themselves to […]

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The government is charging people to visit family and friends in Jail

The Pima County Jail is , according to their website, charging $ for on-site visits if the visitor wants to visit more than 30 minutes or more than once a week. I see a lot of potential problems and issues with charging people to see their friends and family in custody.

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False Claim to Citizenship – Possible Defenses to Charges and Potential Relief

People who falsely and willfully represent themselves to be United States Citizens may be fined and imprisoned for up to 3 years. The misrepresentation has to be willful in addition to being false. Willfulness has been determined by the U.S. 9th Circuit in Chow Bing Kew v. United States, 248 F. 2d 466 (9th Cir. […]

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Questions about the Affidavit of Support in Immigration Cases Part 2 of 2

How do I file an Affidavit of Support? A: You need to complete Form I-864 when your relative has been scheduled for an immigrant visa interview with a consular officer overseas or when your relative is about to submit an application for adjustment to permanent resident status with USCIS or with an Immigration Court in […]

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Questions about the Affidavit of Support in Immigration Part 1 of 2

What is an Affidavit of Support ?   In the immigration context, an Affidavit of Support is a document a person signs to accept financial responsibility for another person, usually a relative, who is coming to the United States to live permanently. The person who signs the affidavit of support is known as the sponsor. […]

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Parolee in the immigration context

The Department of Homeland Security defines a parolee as: ” an alien, appearing to be inadmissible to the inspecting officer, allowed into the United States for urgent humanitarian reasons or when that alien’s entry is determined to be for significant public benefit. Parole does not constitute a formal admission to the United States and confers […]

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Parole in the immigration law context

Parole is a form of discretionary relief and temporary in nature for the most part. When a non-citizen seeking admission to the United States is not clearly qualified for admission, the immigration officer may choose to release the non-citizen on parole pending further investigation. Immigration authorities may also grant parole for humanitarian reasons or reasons […]

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