So you have a criminal case? First question. What’s your immigration status?

It is easy to mistakenly generalize about the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. However, it is vital to understand that not every foreign born defendant is treated the same under the United States immigration laws.  It may seem to be counter intuitive that a country that prides itself on the goal of equal treatment of it’s citizens […]

Should I Still Apply for DACA?

Should I Still Apply for DACA?   As of February 2nd, 2017 there is a heightened concern surrounding the fate of DACA. Many people who stepped forward and trusted the U.S. government to treat them fairly applied for the DACA program. Understandably, now that the Trump has been elected, the political landscape has shifted and […]

K1Fiance Visa Process part 3 of 3 – Consular Processing

The K-1 Consular Process The I-129f approval is simply the first major stage in the process. The second major phase is getting the visa in your hands at the consular post. The K-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa even though it is processed like an immigrant visa. A K-1 applicant must submit the following at […]

K1 Fiance Visa Part 2 of 3

How do I establish that I am in a bona fide relationship? Both individuals that make up the couple should write a highly detailed affidavit establishing the bona fide relationship and the intention to marry within the required 90 time period. You must be able to tell the government how you met, when you met […]

K1 Fiance Visa Process Part 1 of 3

Originally  K type fiancé visas were only used for the purpose of allowing a foreign citizen to come to the USA to marry a U.S. citizen. However, because of changes in the law in the year 2000, the K visa has expanded to cover the non-citizen spouses, fiancé’s, and children of U.S. Citizens to live […]

What is the process for Misdemeanor DUI cases in Pima County Justice Court? Part 1 of 3 parts

Many, if not most, people experience great anxiety about what is going to happen to them in Court after they are arrested for a misdemeanor DUI in Arizona. This is perfectly understandable. Part of this anxiety is caused by the fear of the unknown. I hope my description of the process alleviates some of that anxiety […]

What is an ICE hold?

  What is an Ice Hold? ICE refers to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a federal law enforcement agency.  If a person is in Pima County Jail in Tucson, for example, or other jail facility in the United States or otherwise in the custody of  law enforcement, ICE will request the local agency […]

What is the Difference between DAPA, DACA and an expanded DACA?

Current Status of DACA, expanded DACA and DAPA. President Obama’s effort to make reasonable changes in immigration policies (DAPA and an expanded DACA) has bumped up against a serious road block, at least for the time being. Unfortunately,for millions of people residing in the United States the ruling in U.S. v. Texas has been affirmed by […]

10 ways to fight your DUI charges in Arizona

10 Ways to fight and possibly win your  DUI Case Depending on the facts of your case one or more motions related to these defenses can be filed. It is important to learn if any of these apply to your specific case. They may not. In addition anytime you fight a case you run the […]

Will Pokémon Go lead to an increase in Trespassing Charges?

With all the publicity in recent days about the new Pokémon Go game, I began to wonder if people were more likely to wonder out into the street or otherwise get injured playing this game. What also occurred to me is the potential for people to trespass onto private property or otherwise subject themselves to […]