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Arizona Driver’s License Suspensions.

I field a lot of questions about driver’s license suspensions and revocations because I represent a lot of clients with DUI and other driving related charges.

The following is a list of situations where one could expect the Arizona MVD to suspend their driving privilege. This list has been compiled using Arizona Department of Transportation public resources and the MVD. Please consult their websites or an attorney because their policies and requirements may change significantly over time.

The Arizona MVD may suspend or revoke your driving privilege if you have fallen into any of the following circumstances:

  • have been convicted of frequent, serious offenses that show disrespect for traffic laws and disregard for the safety of others.
  • have been convicted of reckless driving or are repeat reckless or negligent driver,
  • are medically unsafe to drive a motor vehicle.
  • have committed an unlawful or fraudulent use of your driver’s license.
  • have been convicted of any type of DUI.
  • refusal to take chemical test (breath/blood/urine test) results in a 12 month suspension or 2 years for second or subsequent refusal with 84 month period.
  • are under 21 and have been convicted of receiving, consuming or possessing alcohol.
  • are under 21 and have been convicted of any illegal drug violation.
  • have an unresolved judgment from another state.
  • have committed an offense for which mandatory revocation of the driving privilege is required upon conviction.


Suspension is the temporary removal of your privilege to drive. The MVD takes this action after a review of your driving record. The suspension remains in effect until application for reinstatement is made. This is a step a lot of people forget. For example, there is no automatic re-instatement after a typical 90 day DUI suspension. The driver has to apply for reinstatement and pay the fee.

If you accumulate 8 or more points in any 12-month period, you may be required to attend Traffic Survival School, or you may be hit with  a 12 month suspension.

All convictions for red light/stop-sign running, aggressive driving, moving violations resulting in death or serious injury, and the first moving violation for drivers under 18 years of age require successful completion of Traffic survival school following assignment. Failure to complete TSS when ordered will result in the suspension of the person’s driving privilege.

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