Arizona Ignition Interlock Device FAQs Part 1

Q. Can I have an interlock device installed on a motorcycle?

A. Currently there are no companies in Arizona that will install an interlock device on a motorcycle. Check with interlock installer for more information.

Q. How will I fulfill my interlock requirement if I move out of state?

A. Arizona requirements still need to be maintained. Contact the manufacturer of your interlock to locate an authorized interlock installer in your new state that will continue to provide the required services. It is your responsibility to work with your interlock manufacturer and authorized installer to provide us with all required electronic reporting until completion of your interlock requirement.

Q. What if I am ordered to install an interlock device on my vehicle and I do not have a car?
A. ARS 28-1461 requires that your driving privilege remain suspended or revoked until MVD receives proof of a functioning interlock in each motor vehicle you operate (even though you may not be the registered owner). If you have no vehicle, or do not intend to operate a vehicle, your driving privilege will remain suspended or revoked until you are ready to install an interlock and reinstate your driving privilege. You do not need to be the registered owner of the vehicle but any vehicle you drive needs to have the interlock device installed in it.

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