6 Types of DUI-related suspensions and revocations

Administrative action by the Arizona Department of Transportation can be initiated to suspend or revoke a driver’s license for any of the following 6 reasons.

  1. The driver refused an implied consent test.
  2. The driver was arrested for DUI, extreme DUI, or aggravated DUI.
  3. The driver submitted to implied consent test (usually Breath and/or Blood) and the BAC result was equal to or greater than 0.08
  4. The driver was convicted of DUI or extreme DUI with Other convictions within 84 months or convicted of aggravated DUI.
  5. The driver was operating a commercial vehicle, submitted to a test, and the BAC was equal to or greater than 0.04.
  6. The driver was under the age of 21 and had any alcohol in his or her body.
  • It is important to note the Department of Transportation must hold a hearing when basing a license suspension on a BAC result, refusal to take implied consent test, or a DUI arrest.

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