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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Immigration Bonds.

Whether A Person Is Eligible For A Bond Depends On:

  1. Where and how a person was arrested and processed by ICE.
    • Whether they were caught at the port of entry, caught crossing, or interior enforcement (arrested in Tucson or Phoenix, for example).
    • The detained person’s previous immigration history.
    • Whether the person has prior criminal convictions or pending criminal cases and the types of crimes involved.
    • For example, a misdemeanor DUI is treated differently than felony DUI or drug crimes.
    • What phase of the administrative process they are in.
    • How long they have been in detention.
  2.  A Detained Person Often May Only Get One Opportunity To Ask For A Bond From The Immigration Judge. This is why it is critical to build a good case for a bond before asking for one.
  3. Paying The Bond Any individual, 18 or older, with lawful status (legal status) in the United States can pay a foreign national’s bond. The person posting must appear in person at a detention center or at an ICE office designated to accept bond payments. They must show proof of identity and provide his or her social security number. This person becomes responsible for ensuring that the foreign national presents himself or herself to ICE whenever a request is made.