10 ways to fight your DUI charges in Arizona

10 Ways to fight and possibly win your  DUI Case

Depending on the facts of your case one or more motions related to these defenses can be filed. It is important to learn if any of these apply to your specific case. They may not. In addition anytime you fight a case you run the risk of losing a plea offer from the prosecutor. In the final analysis, your attorney can do a lot with a good factual case. However, there are often cases in which the investigated facts do not lend themselves to any reasonable chance of successful challenge. It is important to have your case thoroughly reviewed by an experienced dui lawyer before you make a decision to accept a plea or challenge your case. The basic areas of attack are listed below and can be used to fight your charges. I will go into some of them into more detail in future posts about DUI.

  • Lack of Reasonable Suspicion for Stop (unlawful stop)
  • Lack of Probable Cause for Arrest for DUI
  • Miranda rights Violations
  • Coercive consent to blood draws
  • Field Sobriety Tests and their validity can and should be attacked
  • Chemical Test Validity Problems
  • Breathalyzer calibration
  • Breathalyzer maintenance
  • Officer Qualifications and Opinions
  • DUI Blood test timing and contamination issue